How to Prep for Nano in One Day

This is as much for you folks as it is for me. I’m currently in day two of migraine-induced fog, so please excuse me for any strange grammar or anything. The show must go on!

It’s Okay to Have an Off Day

Repeat after me: It’s okay to have an off day. You don’t need to be at the top of your game for your entire life. Forgive yourself for the minor slip-ups where you don’t make your writing schedule. And make sure you celebrate when you do. Especially when you’re feverish, swollen, and sore. Like me. … Continue reading

Advice for Getting Back up on the Wagon

It happens. Maybe it’s something simple. Maybe you forgot to water the plants. Maybe you’ve turned away from your daily word count. Maybe you really wanted to sleep in this morning and skip your morning pages. (cough) Falling off any wagon, no matter how hard or long of a fall, sucks. Here are some fast … Continue reading

Five Lessons Learned From #FastDraft

Finally getting around to finishing this post. I hope you all enjoy. -D Introduction to Fast Draft (Please note: I am NOT affiliated with Candy; I just recommend shit I like.) For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, Fast Draft is a course taught by the wonderful Candace Havens. She actually has two courses total … Continue reading

Respect, Promises, and a Check In

Respect For those of you who didn’t hear, on Saturday night, my boss passed away. He was 70 and had been fighting cancer for months. He survived three rounds of chemo and was almost out of the woods when his kidneys failed. My boss was one of those people who could see the good in … Continue reading