About Me

Dahnya is just a small town girl, living in a lonely world.

Except she lives in Seattle, which is a pretty big city. And she spends 80% of her time with her loving husband. So, yeah.

When she isn’t getting 80’s songs stuck in your head, Dahnya is writing romance novels, being a kick-ass female gamer, and being a book whore – she’s been caught with romance, fantasy, young adult, science fiction, and others.

Like most women, Dahnya enjoys talking about sex, video games, and the finer points of horror movies. She hates cooking, celebrities, makeup, and chocolate (unless it’s in a really good fudge – and then only a little bit). She’s also a tiny bit disoriented on what it’s like to be a “real woman”. Apparently she’s got all her likes and dislikes mixed up!

Aside from being a smart ass, Dahnya doesn’t really have many other noteworthy personality traits. She does write some pretty good stories, and she loves torturing characters physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually. She’s been called “a ball of fire” and a “laugh riot”, as well as “OHGODWHATISTHATTHING!?” Some people really need to learn manners.

So come on down, stop on by, for another Arabian Night more quirky prose by the one and only Dahnya Och, Romance Writer.

I hope you enjoy your stay!




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