It Begins (#ROW80 Check in)


Happy August Camp NaNoWriMo! And may the odds be ever in your favor!

Last Week’s Goals

1) Finish characters, plot, and set up for Camp Nano.


Seriously. Not sure what’s been going on lately, but I’ve had three migraines this week, and one of them lasted two days. So I slipped up on Camp Nano prep. That’s okay! Because I know exactly how I’m going to get it done, and I will find the time today.

2) Finish discussions tonight. Split homework between Saturday and Sunday.

Got my discussions done on Wednesday night, but I didn’t split my homework this week. Which was okay, because it only took me about two hours on Sunday. For four assignments, that’s really good.

3) Slide back to posting three days a week

Hey, look! Something I did actually complete!

I’m pretty proud of yesterday’s post, since it was written in complete migraine haze but doesn’t sound like crap. This voice thing is becoming easier as time goes on.

4) MOAR WRITER’S BUTT! (and maybe some TLC for me this weekend)

Didn’t get my TLC this weekend because I spent most of it nursing a migraine. BUT. I’ve been doing Writer’s Butt even if my head feels like it wants to become the Grand Canyon. In addition, the hubs got me EA Sports Active 2, a game for the Wii. It’s like Wii Fit, but it’s a lot more forgiving and has actual trainer instruction. It also kicked my patootie all over the place. It was also $10 at Walmart. hint, hint.

This Week’s Goals

1) Fast plot today; Fast Draft 2,000 words each weekday

If you check out my post yesterday, I explain that 2,000 words for 25 days will get me my Nano. There’s 24 weekdays in the month. I figure if I count spillover (you never really stop at your daily wordcount goal – or at least I don’t) I’ll do fine. The idea is that I keep writing. Yay Nano.

2) Discussions tonight, homework Sunday

Let’s just stick to the basics. If I can get this done every week, I’ll graduate.

3) Schedule a couple of posts ahead of time this month

This is really something I should have done last month, but time got away from me. I need to make sure I’m getting a good balance between social media time, blogging, and Nano. Also: I should really be doing that work thing, and maybe graduating. The hubs will understand.

4) Try to work out with EA Sports Active 2 for 10 minutes a day, as well as doing Writers Butt at work

10 minutes a day with that game is torture. They are relentless. But supportive. So I feel like a jerk if I just turn it off.

But yeah. Keep doing squats and wall presses at work (they’re discrete enough to do in the ladies room) and then sweat it out when I get home.

Now, excuse me while I go question my life choices and cry into my egg sammich. <3


6 thoughts on “It Begins (#ROW80 Check in)

  1. These migraines really are hitting you hard and I hope they ease off soon. You have a camp to go to!!! Hope day one has gone ok for you, we can do this!!!! We can we can!!

  2. Glad you met your goal for today!! Hope the migraines go away so you can write, homework, blog, and exercise. That’s a nice well-rounded plan for the week. Keep up the good work :D

    • Thanks honey! I failed to do my homework last night, but there was a five mile backup due to some spilled hazardous chemical. Even though I take the bus, it was still murderous. I didn’t get home until 2 hours after I should have… and so I pretty much just ate, curled up, and died. I’ll do it today (maybe) :3

  3. Hi visiting from your comment on my blog, and ROW80. I signed up for CampNaNo in June, and won it, but although I’m in camp for August, won’t be participating, so I wish you all the luck in the world. Coincidentally, I went through some migraines during June/July so you have my heartfelt sympathy.

    • Hey Hunter! Glad you could stop by.

      Aww… it’s a shame you won’t be participating. I joined the June version as well, but I got stuck in a cabin with a bunch of random teenagers who didn’t seem compelled to be… social. Now I’m in a cabin with a few ROWers and it’s really awesome.

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