Something Something Check In Snore


It’s Wednesday again folks, and that means it’s ROW80 Check In time! Hurrah! Let’s start with the promises I made last week, kay?


I am very pleased to say that I’ve kept both promises that I made last week!

Every weekday I’ve produced a blog post written in typical early morning fashion. They’re a little quirky, sometimes incomplete, but the fact is that they’re being written at 4:30 am. Cut me some slack. So Promise No. 1 is a go.

Promise No. 2 was about kicking my own Writer’s Butt into shape with Ginger Calem’s Writersbutt Wednesday. I haven’t been hitting 100 ounces of water every day (usually between 80 and 90), but I’ve been doing the squats and wall presses with every potty run. The muscles right above my knees hurt quite a bit lately… an athletic coworker of mine suggested I lay off the squats until those muscles stop hurting… but that almost seems like giving up. I should ask Ginger…

Anywho. So, TGDL readers, you’ve done it. You’ve made me stay accountable. How’s them apples? Give yourselves all a big pat on the back, cause without you, I’d still be asleep.

On second thought, y’all suck. I want to sleep in!

Last Week’s Goals

Moving on to goals before I start to whine. (Seriously, I miss sleeping in until 6.)

1) Work on new WIP, split Dylan of Sigyn’s Cage, and write 1 page a day

My August Camp Nanowrimo story has a title! For Love, Paint, and Tutelage is in the plotting stage as we speak. Well, not really as we speak, but close enough. Dylan did not get any love because I’m a little mad at him. His personality is begging to be two people, but he isn’t playing fair. Aaaaaand I mostly hit my baseline every day. Yesterday it didn’t happen, but I was sick, damnit.

Also, throughout the work day yesterday, I typed about 7,000 words for a report. I was tiiiiiired.

2) Same as last week (Split homework between Saturday and Sunday.)

Heeeeeeeey… nope.

I totally derped on this. In fact, I didn’t get my Wednesday discussions done. Our company picnic was on Saturday, so I had to work. Yay for being Admin.

And I still have one outstanding Sunday project.

Last week was just a total wreck. Let’s do better this week! Go Dahnya go!

3) Use blog to do morning pages

Houston, we have morning pages.

4) Writer’s Butt ALL THE THINGS

Houston, we also have Writer’s Butt. Good job, everyone.

This Week’s Goals

1) Finish characters, plot, and set up for Camp Nano.

I’m going to go against the spirit of ROW80 this week and toss my page requirement out the door. I’ve got a week until Camp Nano, and I’ve got all of jack and shit done in preparation. So this week is all about making things shine. Dylan can just go sit in a corner until next week.

2) Finish discussions tonight. Split homework between Saturday and Sunday.

All good intentions here. Let’s see if they stick.

3) Slide back to posting three days a week

I’m sure you guys have looooooved my idiotic ramblings, but I need to spend a bit more time polishing them. I proved that I could write a post a day with no preparation. That’s awesome. But I feel like I’m not producing the quality of content I want.

So I’ll post Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday this week and see how that goes. I’ve got some awesome stuff planned…

4) MOAR WRITER’S BUTT! (and maybe some TLC for me this weekend)

No joke guys, I’m worn the fugg out. My pre-Nano prep this weekend is going to be a nice back rub, maybe a pedicure (dunno, never got one before – always wanted to try), and some good old fashioned video game playing.

But yeah. Writer’s Butt. I should go message Ginger…

Thank you.

Seriously, folks. Thank you for stopping by. Y’all are awesome.

Now, excuse me while I go shove the husband out of bed and whine at him about lack of sleep!


13 thoughts on “Something Something Check In Snore

  1. Dahnya,

    As a fellow ‘squat-lover/hater’ I’ll throw you a tip (take with a grain of salt…lol) My trainer drilled into me the importance of keeping you knees rotated out while squatting …that if you fail to do so, your knees will hurt and you can do real damage. Just press your knees outward while squatting and the problem should go away. Also, make sure you stay on your heels as resting your weight on the balls of your feet while squatting also hurst knees and back. Toes should be off the ground when down in your squat. :} Hope that solves your problem!

    Best of luck with your Camp NaNo prep this week!

    • Hi Nadja! I’m actually not having trouble with my knees themselves (even though those tips were super awesome!); it’s my thigh muscles right above my knees.

      While trying to keep from balancing on my toes yesterday I almost fell into the toilet. True story. And almost REALLY embarrassing.

  2. Am starting to think Camp prep might never be complete but I think any thing I can do will help me in the end! Can’t believe you get up that early…I am tired just thinking about it! Hope you have a great week and happy camp prep! Not long now…..!

    • You know, Em, I’m not sure I’ve ever finished prepping for Nanowrimo before day 1… but I still feel like there’s so much to do.

      Getting up at 4:30 is actually pretty easy now… and what’s better is that I’m *sort of* creative that early. It’s just getting to bed by 8:30 that sucks hard.

  3. Sounds like you’re getting lotsa words on pages and blog posts – fantabulous! I was doing the 4 a.m. writing thing for a while… then kicked it to 5 a.m. … Now, though, I’m doing Fast Draft 2 – 3 hours each night after work no matter what. Still hard to get up in the morning, but 6 a.m. feels like sleeping in now!

    What’s this Writer’s Butt thing? I’m gonna have to look into that.

    Thanks for swinging by my blog and saying hi. :)


    • Hi Tui! Writer’s Butt is hosted by Ginger Calem (here’s the link to the first installment – It’s super awesome!

      I write and edit all day at work… so when I come home, I’m super uncreative and do not want to sit in my computer chair. I’ve found that writing in the morning gives me the most bang for my buck… but I’ve also found that I can’t do both creative writing and blog writing in the morning. I have to pick one. It’s made it so that I have to decide which can get the “lol” effect (where it’ll need a lot of work before it isn’t “lol” material) so I’ve chosen to write my novel at night. Fast Draft has been super helpful for that, since I can do about 2k words in an hour now!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Your check-ins crack me up!! You’re done a good job so far this week, especially with feeling so cruddy yesterday. Go Nano prep goooo!

    • Bwahahaha! At least I can make people laugh! Even if it’s just that sad, pitiful laugh where you shake your head and wonder what type of drugs I have to be taking to produce rot like this…

  5. Wow, that Writer’s Butt thing sounds like quite a challenge. Good luck with it! I was trying to do a minute of exercising every hour for a while, but I didn’t manage to keep up with it. :( I really should get back to that!

    Congrats on your progress and have a great rest of the week. :)

  6. I am completely impressed by your NaNo prep, but then, I’m a pantser who wants to be a plotter so … but you’ve had a great week. Congrats!

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