Respect, Promises, and a Check In



For those of you who didn’t hear, on Saturday night, my boss passed away. He was 70 and had been fighting cancer for months. He survived three rounds of chemo and was almost out of the woods when his kidneys failed.

My boss was one of those people who could see the good in everyone and was willing to take a risk on people he thought were worth the investment. He didn’t have to hire me. My resume wasn’t impressive and there were far better out there for less money. But he didn’t hesitate to hire me on the spot. He saw something (what, I don’t know) and now for two years I’ve been working hard to make sure I paid him back. I may not like the work I do, but no one does anymore.

He will be missed. Very, very much.

I’m not quite sure what’s going to happen at work now, but I’m just going to keep going in every day and working hard. Something will either happen or it won’t.

Promise 1

I started to read Jenny Hansen’s More Cowbell lately, and her Techy Tuesday post made me do some thinking.

So promise number one is that I am going to use my blog as morning pages. You will see a lot more posts over here – I promise. Maybe even some of the ones I’ve been drafting in my head.

I’ve got some really great ideas for posts… everything from writing, to geek, to tech, and beyond. Let’s make TGDL a fun place, yah?

Promise 2

I stumbled upon Ginger Calem’s Writer’s Butt Wednesday series last week. I was inspired by the awesome story about Jennifer  to get up and start taking charge. I started with Week One’s challenge and haven’t stopped. Except for Saturday. But that’s because I could barely stand.

So promise number two is that I am going to rock these challenges and get myself into better shape so that I don’t end up passing on years before my time.

Check In

Nothing fancy here, folks.

Last Week’s Goals

1) Re-assess Sigyn’s Cage and write 1 page a day.

Sigyn’s Cage has been assessed and is currently sharing the burner with another tale. I’m not currently read to talk about that. I did Fast Draft almost a page (sometimes less, sometimes more) almost every WEEK day with the ROW80 Teamsprinty folken. Weekends is still a struggle for me.

2) Split homework between Saturday and Sunday.

Did this, and did this well. It worked out swimmingly. I will keep this up from now on.

3) Finish posts ahead of time this week.

Eh. Last Wednesday was the only post I got finished… Sunday’s check in was just non existent, and I’m hacking this one out at 5:30 am. So, not so much.

4) Re-assess home and work life.

Done. Hubby and I had a nice little chat about him pulling some more weight, which has taken some stress off me. I even went to the movies last night with a girlfriend. SHOCK.

Side note: Magic Mike – yum. Shitty ending, but yum anyway.

The work stuff is going to stay as is. I am loyal to my company and I love working there, even if I hate the work that I do. After things start switching around power-wise, then I will make a choice about staying or going.

This Week’s Goals

1) Work on new WIP, split Dylan of Sigyn’s Cage, and write 1 page a day

The new WIP needs a title. But first it needs characters, plot, setting… yeah.

Sigyn’s Cage needs to become an actual romance, instead of a fake one. I need to split my villain into a hero and a villain and re-tool the story around that change.

And my old stand by. Fast Draft that page.

2) Same as last week


3) Use blog to do morning pages

This should be a do-able goal. I mean, I wake up at 4:30 am just to stare at webcomics. Putting that lack of energy to creative use shouldn’t be too hard, right? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

4) Writer’s Butt ALL THE THINGS

I’m moving on in the challenges a little. This week it’s 100 ounces of water, every potty trip do 10 wall presses and 10 squats. I can only do half squats, so I do 20. My thighs hurt. At least it isn’t my knees!



16 thoughts on “Respect, Promises, and a Check In

    • Thanks Jenny! And you are totally the inspiration for these upcoming posts… now I just need to keep accountable!

      And thank you for your kind words. He was suffering a lot, so this is much better… but that doesn’t make it much easier. Good people shouldn’t have to die.

      • No, it never seems fair. My mom was 65 when she passed and it never seemed fair to me either. Still, those amazing people seem to live a tremendous legacy of love.

    • Thanks, Annie. He really was… and our whole office of 230+ has been devastated the past few days. It looks like people are finally starting to move past it… but things will never go back to the “normal” of a few months ago.

      Your constant support makes me want to make my goals… so thank you. Here’s to a great week, yah?

  1. My condolences on your loss.
    It sounds like you have some good goals… I used to do both weekly check-ins, but I decided that once was enough and now I only do Wednesdays. That also helps take some of the pressure off.

    Hmmm… I might add one more thing to my to-do list… Magic Mike!

    • Thanks for stopping by, AmyBeth, and for your kind words.

      I was going to use the Sunday check in as a way to hold myself accountable for posting twice a week.. but now that I’ll be doing morning pages as blogging, perhaps I won’t need to? *Fingers crossed!*

      And Magic Mike is HIGHLY recommended. I mean, the ending is just so weak… but everything up until that point was amazing. The women in the theater thought there wasn’t enough dancing, but the stuff we did see was so worth it. It isn’t Step Up (now with more Naked Boys!), but a serious movie that makes you think about how much women objectify men. They might enjoy it, but we still do.

      Also: no one else seemed to think about the movie the same way I did, so maybe I’m just weird.

  2. So sorry to hear about your boss. He does sound like he was a great guy.

    Sounds like you did pretty good with your goals last week. Good luck on this next week.

  3. I am totally up for some cabin love during CampNaNo! How do we go about this?!! My name is EmWantstowrite if you want to add me :)

    I am so sorry for your loss, that is going to take some time to get your head around and well done for staying focused on things. I hope the rest of your week it ok.

    • Hey Em! You’ve been added to my growing list of must haven cabin mates. I just hope they get the picture and put us all together… otherwise, they will incur the wrath of Team Sprinty!


      Thanks. It will take some time… but the painting I did (I should totally post a picture of that) helped me get my thoughts in some sort of order. And it just furthered my thoughts that I need to just sit down, shut up, and write.

  4. First, my sympathies regarding your boss. Even in the sadness, you have a positive attitude and are remembering him for qualities that I imagine would make him smile. He obviously had an impact on you and isn’t that what we all want, so have made a difference in some way when we go.

    Second, thanks for the shout out. With your determination and attitude, you will ROCK WritersButt. I’m proud of you. Keep going and ask any questions if you have them.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Ginger!

      His sickness, and then passing, was a great push for me to taking the concept of taking writing seriously, er, seriously. Something about being reminded that I’m mortal does wonders for my creativity and drive!

      Thanks for the vote of confidence! I’m really trying – mostly because WritersButt is so very easy to do. I’ve even got some of my non-writing co-workers doing it, since they’ve seen me doing my squats in the ladies room. We’ve got about ten women all edging each other on, which has made staying on track really easy.

      So, you deserve the shout out. Because WritersButt is so awesome that even engineers will do it. That should be a tag line somewhere…

  5. Bummer about your boss. In this day and age, he was a youngster.

    I do my morning pages at What I think about first thing in the morning really can’t be shared…

  6. Morning pages are just the best, I think. That said, what constitutes morning pages is different for everyone but we do seem more motivated in the morning (yes, for obvious reasons) and thus, I have always found my morning writing to be crisp and quite concise. Regardless of what morning pages mean for you, it is the writing every day that I think is the ultimate payoff.

    Best to you in this week of writing.


    That was a lovely tribute to your boss.

    • Hi Karen!

      Thank you. I’m glad you liked the tribute. It went over really well with his wife; I presented it to her on Friday afternoon.

      My morning writing, so far, as been a little jumbled. It’s taking me a few more swings of the red pen to make them sound like words, instead of sleepy mumbles.

      It is very inspiring though, to realize I’m waking up at 4:30 to write. It might just be blog posts, but that’s something I’ve wanted to do for ages. The idea that it’s actually happening is so wonderful.

      Thanks for stopping by; I hope you have a great week of writing as well!

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