Pure Intentions and Positive Mojo


Round 3 of “Round of Writing in 80 Days” (ROW80) begins today! This round shall be filled with pure intentions, abundant writing days, and positive mojo! Are you all ready?


Yeah, that’s what I thought.


As I mentioned in my post on June 20th, I’m going to start doing weekly goals within over-arching goals. This will make it easier to focus and keep on track.

Over-arching Goals

1) Finish two drafts with Fast Draft and Revision Hell.

Two might seem a little high, but I think doing one with class and then one on my own will strengthen my resolve. I spent some time last night fixing my approach after my lessons learned from week one (I’ll post those lessons Wednesday, I promise!).

2) Graduate college on time and with decent grades.

College… yeah, we’ll get to that sooner or later. My graduation is in October, so I’m working really hard to make sure I actually get out. I’m so tired of having to split my time!

3) Blog twice a week.

I think during Fast Draft, I’m going to do Wednesday and Sunday check ins; Wednesday will be Fast Draft and ROW80, while Sunday will be ROW80 and miscellaneous content (read: the good stuff!).

4) Not get fired or divorced because of goals 1 and 2.

Hey, that third one is going to be a lot harder than you think. I have to do 20 pages of writing a day for two weeks… at least now I have a much better idea of HOW I’m going to do it.

Weekly Goals

1) Write 20 pages a day – no editing.

For those who are counting, that’s (roughly) 3,750 words a day.

After eating take out for four out of five days last week, I’ve decided I am NOT going to eat Paleo every day this week. Instead, we’ll be having meals that are easier for hubby to prepare. I’ll worry about continuing to losing weight after Fast Draft. Saving money is more important right now.

This also means that I might need to cut out my daily 1/2 hour of Diablo III time to squeeze in more writing. Since this is the only entertainment I allow myself now… that idea makes me pretty sad. We’ll see. Maybe it’ll motivate me to find my rhythm.

2) Finish all assignments on Wednesday and Saturday so I can relax on Sunday.

It sounds simple enough, but I’m such a procrastinator with school. I *need* a 70% in the one class, so I have to stay on top of things. Since I have off this Wednesday (thanks, Founding Fathers!), I can do it then.

3) Finish drafting my solo Fast Draft lessons learned, and my Sunday post.

I’m at like 70% for Wednesday and 5% for Sunday. I have no doubt I’ll get them done, it’s just dependent on what day I get them done.

4) Remind hubby every day that I love him.

He’s so sweet for helping me through this… I don’t think he thought “in sickness and in health” would include bouts of temporary insanity and sore wrists. Oh well.

Also, my boss is off this week, so I have pretty much unlimited writing time at work, if I can get my paperwork done every day. Hmm. With how busy it has been today, that could be a lot harder than you think.

So, are you participating in ROW80 this round? How do you feel about your goals? Are you filled with positive mojo or a sense of dread?


21 thoughts on “Pure Intentions and Positive Mojo

  1. LOL I’m chasing you around the web. I like your goals they are hard ones though, except for the I love you to the hubs. That’s a lot of writing every day. Best wishes!

    • Ah-hah! You did find me and my goals. I swear, I’m getting to updating my main ROW80 post with Round 3’s goals… work is just being killer today.

      I enjoy the hard goals; ROW80 is filled with such great people that help me feel accountable and keep me on track. I pay them back my uping the ante when I can.

      Also, I kind of paid for Fast Draft. Not making the goals set by the course instructor feels kind of silly!

      I’ve got my fingers crossed that I can write so much a day (maybe if I stopped commenting on ROW80 blogs… hehe.)

    • Hi Alana! Thanks for stopping by!

      To be honest, the only reason my goal is sitting there is because I’m in Candy’s Fast Draft class… and the baseline is 20 pages a day. It’s rough (I’m a full time employee and I’m still in college), but as long as I’m trying, that’s what counts.

      My goals will be a lot more realistic when I’m not paying for classes!

  2. Don’t forget that you can schedule posts in advance. It’s sometimes worth writing up a few posts – short ones, links to youtube videos or the like, or quotes and a cool image – and scheduling them in advance to fill up the blog while you concentrate on other tasks (like writing those 20 pages a day, WOW).
    My goals this Round are simple – I have two unfinished novels nagging at me, so I plan to finish them both and put them up online. Then I’m free to start one of my other projects with a clean slate.
    Good luck!

    • Why hullo there Lee!

      I’ve been really bad about scheduling posts. I’m kind of a procrastinator when it comes to typing them up… I write out notes days in advance but never actually get to drafting them before the day I want to put them up.

      I should really use that feature though… it would make it so that I will actually write the posts, or look like a giant fool for having a scheduled post that’s just a title!

      Ugh, 20 pages. I know.

      Those sound like awesome, reasonable goals. I wish you nothing but luck it obtaining them!

  3. Awwww, love this one: “4) Remind hubby every day that I love him.”
    I’ve been married for 8 years (11 years together total), and we say I love you every single day! and it’s not an automatic thing, no! It has meaning … I think it’s important to keep the romanticism ;)
    Good luck with your goals!!

    • Haha – that’s great Juliana!

      I won’t say we’re not romantic, but sometimes I take what he does for granted. I just think little things (like notes in his lunch box) might help solidify the idea.

      Thanks for the well wishes!

    • Hi J.R.! Thanks for swinging by!

      I think I’m one of those people who perpetually does (as Lauren would say) ALL THE THINGS because I feel like idleness makes me crazy.

      That being said, I’m also big on the no-guilt, no-regret lifestyle. As long as I’m making progress, it’s a success. Positive mojo and all that!

  4. Excellent goals, Dahnya, especially the last one – never forget those loving partners :)

    I’m in the upcoming FastDraft class along with a couple other ROWers, so it will be fun to have a little cadre of us blazing through the 20 pages a day together. Although I’m aiming for 5k words in those pages, all depends on the font size maybe.

    Have a great week and round, I know you are going to do fantastic!

    • Honestly, the biggest hurdle for Fast Draft is ignoring the page count until you’re finished. At least, it has been for me. Yesterday, I just wrote until I couldn’t write anymore. I ended up at 15 pages, which is 6-7 more than I was doing during my solo week.

      Perhaps my Alphasmart Neo helped…

      Thanks for visiting Gene, and good luck to you this week! If you need an extra bit of cheering, I’ll be here for you!

  5. I think your goals just made me dizzy :D “Not get fired or divorced”…oh I laughed so hard. Really nice goals for the round. Seems like a lot of people are going for more short term goals. You’ll have to tell how you liked FastDraft when you’ve had a chance to reflect on it. I’ve been itching to find out more. Have a great week!

    • Heh… my goals have made me dizzy, believe you me.

      I did a “self-taught” Fast Draft last week; my results were updated daily over here. Tomorrow I’m going to post a little ditty about lessons learned and overall thoughts so far.

      Have a good week yourself!

  6. Great goals! And I love that you’ve included some humor in the mix! Perfect. :}
    I’ve not heard of Fast Draft before….I’ll have to check it out. Best of luck with finishing up your schooling! What an accomplishment! Thanks for stopping by – I’m looking forward to following you during this Round!

  7. I have heard so much about fast draft, I feel like I should be doing it. But still not sure… *sigh* anyway— thanks for your encouragement & posting on my blog. My writing fingers are tappety tappety tappety away & it feels good! See you around #teamsprinty, etc!

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