Dahnya – Meet Fast Draft (updated daily)

Day 1

So, I’m a little overwhelmed at the prospect of what Fast Draft is asking me to do. Overwhelmed, and excited.

Because I respect Candy and the course she’s put together, I’m not going to go into too many details. Instead, I’m going to say you should really look into the course. The Fast Draft course itself starts on July 7th and is $20. That’s a cup of coffee for a week. And much more satisfying.

At any rate, the amount of work you need to do for Fast Draft is overwhelming. It makes you feel guilty that it’s overwhelming because Candy explains what her schedule is like. Kids, multiple jobs, the works. And here I am, with a day job I can write at, school work that I could (technically) do in my sleep, and a loving husband who completely understands and has offered (threatened) to cook (and then order take out) for every day that I meet my goals.

Obviously, I’ve got no excuses. And nor should I need any.

My goal today is to get my synopsis finalized and to hit 15 pages. Fifteen isn’t the Fast Draft goal, but it’s a starting point.

So, in the words of Eminem:  So here I go, it’s my shot. Feet fail me not, this may be the only opportunity that I got.

I’ll update tonight with my final counts. See you on the other side!

Update: So, I hit 7 pages. It’s no where near the 15 I wanted, or the 20 I was supposed to do, but I’m so very tired. I’ve got to take my migraine medication, which knocks me the heck out for 8 hours. Now that I know how many pages I can write in the two hours between getting home and getting to bed, I’ve got a much better idea of what I need to accomplish during workday hours. Or learn to deal with blinding migraines so that I can stay up a few hours late.


Anyway – see you tomorrow!

Day 2

5:23 am

I’ve been up since 4am. This is normal for me, except for two things. Today was the first time I tried AmazonFresh, so I had a few bags of groceries sitting on my stoop when I got up. For them to deliver so early is wonderful. Only downside was two peaches were bruised to the point of spoil, but, really, what did I expect. They were delivered to my door. I just know not to get peaches next time.

The other thing that made this morning not normal is that I’m motivated to do better than yesterday. Looking at my half-finished synopsis, I made it through what I’d consider “Chapter One.” That’s something big for me. As I mentioned in the comments, I’m usually the type of person to go back and polish my first 500-1,000 words until they shine and sing. To have to just write whatever drivel popped into my head was both empowering and scary. I’m not looking forward to revising all that.

Bringing my lunch with me to work today, so maybe I can actually get some writing done at work. Maybe time also won’t fly by like some mystical being. Hm.

I’m supposed to do a real blog post today, but I think I’ll let my struggles with Fast Draft be my non-fiction words for today. Can’t stop writing fiction! Now, where did I put my protagonist…

See you folks at about noon for a check in!

3:54 pm

I don’t know why I thought I’d be back at noon. Silly human with her notions of time playing fair.

I’ve written about two pages of content between assignments, but work was frightfully busy. I’m leaving in about half an hour to sit on my hour long bus ride… and then I’ll get to doing my nightly binge.

I’ll update tonight with final counts.

7:33 pm

Calling it quits early. The house is a mess, my back is killing me, and no matter how long I stared at that blinking cursor, no words were coming out. I even tried some tried and true tricks (bullying myself with typed words, standing up and shaking it out, etc.) but nothing worked. I had a really bad day and I think it bled into my writing.

Total ended up being just shy of five pages, counting the two from earlier today. I’m pushing for ten tomorrow, regardless of how I feel. Even if it’s just ten pages of “Damnit Dahnya, type!” I will fill ten pages.

Until then guys and dolls.

Day 3

5:10 am

Sorry about yesterday, folks. While doing homework for another writing class, I got horribly depressed about the state of my writing. I started to second guess myself… which lead to me being about as creative as a soggy potato.

I’m better now, mostly because I have to be. Going to do some exercises to work out the kinks from yesterday (my wrist is acting up real bad today).

Day 4

5:40 am

Well, I derped a little on posting last night. I didn’t end up going to bed until around 10pm… and for someone that’s supposed to wake up at the crack of King Midas’ gold-flecked rim, that’s a bit late. Which is why I’m so late on updating this morning! Sleeping in, even a little, felt so wonderful.

I’ve also stopped taking my migraine prevention pills (the ones that require 8 hours of sleep).

Obviously, I’m having trouble making enough time appear to finish my required pages.

I got up to five pages done last night. Need to find somewhere to make more time.

Also found to joys of Pinterest yesterday. Only getting five pages done and playing on Pinterest are not related. Mostly.

My goal today is seven pages. That’s back at my count that I started at. If I can get back to that, I can claw my way northward again.

4:23 pm

Just a quick check in. Had a totally awesome idea that I’m going to start working on as soon as I finish Fast Draft. I think my “muse” is ticked about it, but “she” knows I need to finish this first.

Wrote four pages total here today at work… hoping I can get another four to six done at home. If I could get 10 as my finished count today… so much more confidence.

Day 5


I seem to have this problem. If I stay up later, I ignore my alarm clock for longer. I mean, okay, I have to be out the door by 6… so if I want to get anything done in the morning (aside from throwing on clothes and running out the door) I need to be up by 5 at the latest. If I go to bed at 10pm, I’m only getting 7 hours of sleep. So then I ignore my alarm until 5:15/5:30.

I honestly think I need to post the question to Candy on how the fugg she really does this. With kids, multiple jobs, etc., her time has to come from somewhere. Is she really able to pull all nighters (or close enough) on work days?

Since I suck at updating later at night, I ended up only getting two more pages done. Had another night of staring at the monitor. I’ve hit a rough patch in my notes and I’m not sure how to proceed.

But, anyway. Time to finish getting ready! Setting my goal for 10 pages today; I’ve got to practice.

Days later…

By the way all, thanks for following my stream-of-consciousness blog updates about Fast Draft. I ended up stopping on Friday after not hitting any pages. That’s okay though, because this was a trial run anyway.

The real stuff starts today.

Which, obviously, I need to go start.

I’ll have some lessons learned posted on Wednesday!


8 thoughts on “Dahnya – Meet Fast Draft (updated daily)

    • Hi Honoria! I’m super excited to start (just got myself some ergobead wrist support gloves in preparation) but, as I mentioned, a bit overwhelmed. I think things will look a little clearer when I get my synopsis down. Working on it between assignments at work today!

      Good luck to you this week, and let’s keep in touch! Fast Draft is all about community and support (and writing really damn quick, but that’s secondary.)

      • Yeah, I’m a bit overwhelmed too. Before I started practicing I’d never even gotten 2000 words in a day. But I made it up the 3600 while I was practicing. I think I can do it. And if I can’t make 5000, 3600 isn’t nothing. I don’t really have a synopsis. I have some character charts mostly done, and a bit of a plot, but nothing as advanced as a synopsis, because I HATE writing them. Though, I’m going to have to eventually.

      • Obnoxious thing I just realized: this theme doesn’t allow endless reply to chains. Awkward!

        I know exactly how you feel; I’ve only gotten over 2k words a day once, and that was when I was home with a cold and could just write all day without distractions.

        My synopsis is little more than taking those Candy Bar Scenes I was talking about a few days ago and adding sentences for the “filler” that connects the dots. I usually do this process as a giant numbered outline, but it ends up feeling very constricted. Writing it as a synopsis makes me feel like there is a lot more flexibility and creativity. I also get to leave myself a lot more notes!

      • Hey, your 7 pages is better than me. I hit like 1,300 something words. Going to have the make some schedule adjustments myself if I plan to make the real goal. That is if my finger fixes itself. One of my fingers is swollen and red. I’m hoping I just have a really bad hangnail developing, but if it doesn’t stop soon FD might actually have to wait till next week because it hurts to type. Lol, its ridiculous. It sounds like some excuse you’d give in high school for not having a report done, bu I swear its true. Maybe I’ll start hand writing things, since this is an affliction of the none dominant right hand. But then I have no way to keep track of word count, and no Write or Die to keep me on task.

        Anyway, congrats on the word count. Seven pages is more than you had at the beginning of the day, and sometimes that’s all that matters. Especially if you have a migraine.

      • Thanks for the kind motivation, Honoria. I might have sounded disappointed, but I was actually really surprised. I’m usually one of those writers that goes back and makes their first pages shine before the first chapter is even finished. To write – in no other words – crap, and leave it as crap, was an exercise I needed to learn. Now, if only I can keep it up!

        I’m sorry to hear about your finger! I get really bad hangnails a lot (I bite my nails, say sorry) and I know the pain can get pretty obnoxious. Don’t think of it as an obstacle or an excuse. Do what you can; if you can’t write traditionally, you do have other options for now. One thing I learned from ROW80 is that progress is something. Maybe you aren’t hitting your goals, but you are trying. That’s what counts.

        Also: ugh! Migraines. I hate them with such a fiery passion… but they just seem to be a part of life these days!

  1. Great idea to keep a journal. I had planned to do so in a notebook. While I have decided not to technically ‘fast draft’ this week. I would like to get my first three chapters drafted. Meanwhile I plan to finish up some typing that I do for another writer. I’m excited to start a week from today, though. I’ll bookmark this blog and cheer you on! –Tina

    • Hi Tina! Thanks for stopping by to cheer me on.

      I’m starting to come around to the idea of Fast Drafting… and to be honest, you should just jump on in. My synopsis is almost done (it’s more like a two page outline than a true synopsis – that’ll be fixed later) and I’m feeling confident that I can “pants” this novel without getting lost or overwhelmed. Time will tell though!

      Feel free to ping back with your progress as well. I love to cheer others on!

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