Three Lessons I’ve Learned From #ROW80


We are never too old to learn. Every situation – regardless if the overall outcome is good, bad, or indifferent – should produce a set of lessons that you have learned. #ROW80 has been no different.

Without further ado (because sometimes I get the feeling you folks really don’t like to hear me ramble), here are my three lessons learned.

One: Goal Structure

Every Wednesday I read the #ROW80 Linky, regardless if I have a post to put up myself or if I have the time to comment. Sometimes it’s just awesome to see how others are doing. And, during those Wednesday reading sessions, I’m always amazed at the differences in goals.

One thing I’ve noticed is that folks that set their goals on Wednesday to complete the goals by the next Wednesday (read: set weekly goals) are so much more focused and realistic than those of us who set goals for all 80 days.

As such, when Round 3 rolls around, I will be gladly borrowing this system and setting small weekly goals for myself, instead of giant overarching goals.

Two: The #ROW80 Community is Amazing

No joke.

I love everyone I’ve met over the past three months equally, but the #ROW80 group has been friendly, inspiring, and just overall amazing. I’ve met so many wonderful people through it, and there is absolutely no way I wouldn’t join a Round in the future. I have high hopes of even becoming a sponsor, once I’m sure I’ve got everything else under boot.

So, to the awesome #ROW80 Community – thank you. Thank y0u for welcoming a new kid, for supporting her even when she thought she didn’t deserve it, and for just being awesome in every way possible. I am so lucky to have met and interacted with all of you.

Three: Sometimes is Better than Never

Life happens. That is why #ROW80 is so amazing. Everyone in #ROW80 understands that life happens and is supportive even when it seems to happen all the time.

I’m a wimp when it comes to life treading all over my goals. I react badly and, in the past, have even suffered the tendency to run towards the comforts of World of Warcraft when life got bad.

Now I write and blog.

I might not write every day, and I might not always hit my word counts or my test miles. I also might not blog two times a week like I said I would.

But I’m writing and blogging. I show up to the plate every day. I might swing and miss, but at least I’m trying. (And now I can’t help but compare #ROW80 to pee-wee baseball. Orz.)

Closing Thoughts

I’ve had nothing but an awesome time with the #ROW80 this round, and I can’t wait for the next one to start in July. However, you can be darn sure I’m going to enjoy these next few weeks of school-less, #ROW80-less time… by taking Candy’s Comprehensive Writing Course, which includes Fast Draft and Revision Hell. Orz. Apparently I don’t get any time off.

See you around the internet, lovies.


2 thoughts on “Three Lessons I’ve Learned From #ROW80

  1. While I do think overarching goals are important, I also think it is important that we don’t judge ourselves by them. That’s where those daily and weekly goals come in, the ones that are more realistic and reflect whatever recent turns life has taken. So I support you new goal-making wholeheartedly! Good luck. :)

    • Hi Ruth!

      I think overarching goals are important as well, but they seem so inflexible. Since I’m starting Fast Draft this week (which has a two week writing period), I would like to think that writing and revising would be easier if I didn’t glue myself in to a strict goal like “I’m going to do four drafts in 80 days!”

      Some goals (like working out twice a week, or something similar) would be good for overarching goals.

      Thanks for your support! See you in a week for Round 3, yah?

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