Check In and Link Roundup



Migraine medication is evil.

I feel like I’m a pretty floating balloon with a giant boulder called my brain floating in the middle.

Right. Check In.

My goals can be found here.

Goal one has happened pretty well. Last week, I wimped out and didn’t do an actually #ROW80 check in because I was pretty spooked that some people would be shaking their heads at me for changing my goals and my blog. Since no one did that – wa-bam. #ROW80 post this week. Fweee.

Goal two has been pretty hit or miss. Migraines have plagued me for the past week and the medication, as previously mentioned, makes me feel a little… wonky. I can’t type properly and I can’t think past this boulder. Makes writing un-fun. I’ve hit about 40-200 words a day. I’ll see if maybe this new medication I get today will make thinking easier.

Blog Link Things

My Own

In case you’ve missed them, here are the links to my posts for this past week:

Evaluating the Time and Effort Required to Meet your Obtainable Goals

Writing PDQ and how it can Help Boost Efficiency

Other Folks

Here’s a list of blog posts I found particularly keen this week. While they aren’t all from posts this week, they are ones I stumbled over and found pretty darn interesting.

Jody Hedlund: The Busy Writer’s Guide to Time Management

Writing is Hard: Six Resources for Post-Apocalyptic Novelists

Romance University: Converting Backstory into Character with Theressa Stevens

Kait Nolan: New Simplified Novel Notebook

Annie Neugebauer: Ten Tips for Attending a Writing Conference

Roni Loren: What Will Make an Agent Gong your Pages



2 thoughts on “Check In and Link Roundup

  1. Ach! Migraines! I know exactly how you feel. Luckily, as I get older, I have them less frequently and they aren’t as severe. So maybe you have that to look forward to someday.

    Don’t ever envision ROWers shaking their heads at you. Change your goals when you need to. That’s what this challenge is all about…realizing what you can and can’t do and adjusting your goals accordingly. See, I’m nodding my head, not shaking it. :)

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