#ROW80 Wednesday Check In

How I Convinced Myself to Write a Check-in Instead of Ruining my Life, Again.

Every once and a while, I get this strange craving to throw my life to the wind and discard all of my hopes and dreams in a giant chaotic bowel movement. No kids, I’m not talking about doing drugs or joining a rock band. I’m an ex-World of Warcraft (WoW) player.

WoW is just one of those ticks I have. When things get bad enough and my stress level is through the roof, I turn to the solace of racing idiots to the next flower so I can make lots of virtual money I never use, and beating Alliance scum so hard they get scaredy-farts as they run to mommy (or a Game Master) to complain about me. I may use phrases like “For the Horde!” and “Minus 50 DKP!” in normal conversation. I talk about my character’s transmogrification gear, and I can out geek anyone when it comes to the intricacies of Priest healing.


I go through these cycles. Life gets bad so I play WoW. Months go by. Finally, I get so fed up with annoying trolls and bad game mechanics Blizzard calls “difficulty” (or bad class design they call “balance”) and I quit. It’s the huge, big deal. I always vow to spend the time writing and working on reading books (like Brandon Sanderson’s WAY OF KINGS) that I’ve put off for so long. I make it about a month. And then the itch gets too bad.

I logged into WoW last night for the first time in two months. I did it because a friend asked me to help raise him some money (he’s just starting the habit, but because of the sheer shit-state the in-game economy is in, it’s impossible for a new player to support themselves.) I agreed (under duress) but then I actually started to get excited. And depressed. And annoyed. I put it off for weeks and weeks. But then finally signed in.

And I was BORED.

Here were quests I’d done hundreds of times (they call people like me alt-aholics… we start new characters over and over.) This was the race I’d been forever. The class I’d always tried to level but failed (Death Knight, for anyone interested in knowing.) I signed out early last night, shook my head, and wondered why I ever fell in love with that game.

So, what did I try to do this morning?

I tried to log in. Barely awake. Just read all of my webcomics, and hadn’t even grabbed breakfast yet. Opened up the WoW launcher and just started to log in.


So, how did I avoid it? I immediately closed the launcher, chastised myself properly, and forced myself to start typing up a blog post. Willpower. Sheer, unadulterated willpower. If I can make myself go to work when I’ve got kidney stones, I can make myself write a blog post instead of playing WoW.

Circle of life, or some shit.

I’m still going to keep my promise and help him, but not at the cost of making my #ROW80 Goals. Speaking of which…

The Actual Check-In

This week was much better than last. I even got to hang out with friends on Saturday, something I never do.

250 words a day with weekends off.

I didn’t do well with this one, but I didn’t do bad. Three-fifths is still better than nothing. I need to learn to write on the bus more… I-5 is just terrible and is covered with so many bumps I feel like I’m riding a giant vibrator to work.

That’s right folks. I said it. Moving on.

Update my blog Mondays and Fridays with content; Wednesdays and Sundays with check ins.

Well, I had a Friday and a Monday (early Tuesday, whatever) update. Friday’s content was really good; Mondays’… not so much. And Sunday check-ins just aren’t working for me. Sundays are just stuffed with homework crap.

Exercise for 5 minutes or more three times a week – Tuesday and Thursday with Saturday walks with the hubbie.

Still not happening. I haven’t been able to wake up early enough to exercise and shower. I’m resolved to do it tomorrow though. Again, if I can go to work while suffering from kidney stones, I can work out for five minutes. Saturday walks have been happening though. They are very nice.

Turn in school assignments on time and go to work every day as humanly possible.

CHECK. Seriously. I might graduate this year, and I just got a promotion to the marketing department at work. I’m busting my non-existent balls to keep up with work and school. Might be why I’m sick all the time…

Limit Twitter to half-hour sprints.

Since starting #ROW80, I’ve had no time for Twitter. So, CHECK.

Decide between Facebook, Google +, Pintrest, Timberr, and Goodreads and start updating once a week.


Still can’t decide between them. I love Timberr, but my blog just doesn’t have enough going on to be an actual contribution. Goodreads looks like fun, but I just can’t dedicate time to reading right now. Maybe after I graduate in September. Google + and Facebook just make me feel stab-ee.

Anyone have a suggestion?

Oh. And unceremoniously:


(What? I’m late for work!)


15 thoughts on “#ROW80 Wednesday Check In

  1. Wow. A lot a lot a lot. And you know, I can relate in sometimes wanting to throw everything away, away…. away…… (did you hear the echo?). I am not in school, but I work for a college professor grading papers. Sometimes I get so sick of the papers and the same mistakes over and over I want to shake the kids… some sense into their minds! RIGHT NOW!

    Anyway – I appreciate your continued energy toward your ROW80 goals; you inspire me!

    • Hi Julie! Thanks for stopping by! It’s hard some times to reign in that destructive attitude… even more so when everything just seems to be going wrong. I wish we were all equipped with a pressure valve that we could just… oh right. Heh. I *do* write romance. I know where that pressure valve is… hehe.

  2. No suggestions on social media sites from me — I don’t even know Timberr and Pinterest, and I’m not going to start now! Way too much of that stuff already! :)

    As you say, three-fifths is better than nothing. Keep up the good work and good luck!

    • Hi Ruth! I’m surprised that many don’t use multiple social media platforms, since that seems to be all the rage. Incase you are curious, Timberr is like a giant blog roll community and Pinterest is like Facebook’s wall, but you can dedicate different pages to different things. My friend has one where she keeps track of coctails, another for cute hairstyle how-to’s, etc. Very useful for organizing the internet. Writerly people use it to pin good blog articles about writing or other useful stuff.

  3. You went there. With all that you are doing that sounds like a great check-in. Keep up the hard work. :)

    And since you asked…. I like G+ better than facebook (got both, only my G+ is for public/promotional use). The way you can filter things via circles lends it easier to that, but allows for the occasional something else.

    BTW- I’m so glad I refuse to load MMORPGs onto my computer. I lose enough time drowning in Asian dramas/movies, anime, and manga. ;)

  4. To be honest, I’m fed up with social media. Blogging’s OK, but Twitter moves too fast and Facebook is just a pain in the backside. I’m finding that I get more done if I don’t worry about them.

    • Hi John. I completely agree. Since work has been so busy for me lately, I feel like I have enough time to do one social media thing and that’s it. I’d really love for it to be Twitter (I feel like I found an instant connection there) but blogging is the most rewarding. It may also be because it’s helping me refine my voice. Or something. Hm.

  5. I too am an alti-aholic, and often spend way too much time in-game. (EverQuest 2 is my personal brand of gaming crack.) It’s so easy to say, “I’m just going to go on for an hour, and then I’ll face writing.” Of course, five hours later…

    It’s all about balance, or the striving for it. Wishing you an extra dollop of willpower to do the things you enjoy instead of the easy thing. ;)

    • Ah, EQ. The original gaming crack. I somehow avoided that whole rage originally… but then an ex of mine got me into Final Fantasy XI. When it died, I couldn’t just give up… and so I went to WoW. Orz.

      And it really is easy to lose five hours. Non-gamers just don’t understand. It’s like you snap out of a coma. Suddenly you’re hungry, your eyes and back hurts, and you realize what you just did and feel incredibly guilty. MMOs have claimed more writing time than sleep in my book.

      Thank you for the extra willpower! I’ll need it! (I just got my MoP beta invite… must not… download…)

  6. Oh, Dahnya… What is it with these games we play? An alti-holic…. Wow, never heard a term for it. Sounds like me with Neverwinter Nights though (and I can’t even claim that I am playing it to socialize with other players because I never join in on multi-player games).

    Is there a support group out there, maybe GA or something?


    Good progress on your goals; not perfect, but then life happens… and it’s really hard to write and ride a vibrator. I have trouble even READING on those rare commute days that my husband drives, so you have my sympathy. Bumpy roads—bleh!

    For the exercise, maybe you could get off the bus a stop or two away from where you normally would get off and add some walking in that way?

    • I think WoW coined the term alt-aholic… My SO loves Neverwinter Nights, but he never plays it anymore. I think I take up too much of his time with other things. I wonder if he’s resentful… hehe.

      Gamers Anonymous would be awesome. They have things like that elsewhere (I think I read about it in Japan or Korea) but I don’t know that many Americans would admit they have a problem. And the gaming industry would most likely go into an uproar. They just don’t have the reach of alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs.

      That’s actually what I used to do on my old bus… on nice days (in Seattle – hah!) I walk the half a mile to the park and ride… but the bus goes down I-5 and doesn’t stop until it gets downtown… and the first stop is mine. It makes walking a little less than optimal sometimes. I’ve thought about going in early and getting off at the next stop and walking back, but then I run into the same issue with getting up early.

      • Bah! Getting up early…. *shudders* Maybe you could do that before you head home?

        (And I have to disagree with the reach of the gaming industry… My six-year-old is addicted to Neverwinter Nights too. Their reach is strong enough.)

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