The great dividing line between success and failure can be expressed in five words: “I did not have time.”
Franklin Field

Welcome to the WordPress.com blog for Dahnya Och. The Great Dividing Line (TGDL) was inspired by Dahnya’s inability to lay down and die. She refuses to be a doormat for the universe, and refuses to let her voice go unheard. Dahnya works full time, goes to school full time, writes at least 500 words a day, updates her blog twice a week, and still finds time to play Diablo III, participate in a Dungeons and Dragons group every two weeks, and she lives a fulfilling life with her husband Robert.

Within the pages of this blog, you will find useful information for the modern writer, also know as the Working Writer. Dahnya provides useful information for time management and project management, as well as for the technology available to help the Working Writer get things done. Her tips and tricks can be applied to any type of job since Dahnya has written while working as:

  • A barista
  • A server
  • A bartender
  • A call-center employee
  • A retail cashier
  • A retail manager
  • An IT drone
  • A marketer
  • A cubical monkey
  • … and more!

While she is the first to admit that things don’t always go as planned, she still continues to try again. The posts here at TGDL will show you how do to the same.

Navigation can be found at the top of the page; currently you can find an “About Me” page for Dahnya and a page for “Blog Posts.”

If you have any suggestions for content, please comment here. Credit will always be given where credit is due. Dahnya does have a lot of posts on many topics planned, but repeated ideas will let her know she’s on to something!

What do you think?

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